I commend Jane for her work, which is exceptional in terms of top quality considering grammatical accuracy, understanding the context in all areas, punctuality, seriousness, discretion and fair prices. I have requested her services many times ranging from proofreading texts in English to full translations, such as scientific articles, advertising, book chapters and books, as well as important guidelines and documents for renowned national and international agencies such as the United Nations and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. I am very grateful for Jane Coury's competent and continued support, which I recommend to those who strive for excellence.

Profa. Dra. Dra. Vânia Gomes Zuin
(FRSC, CNPq-PQ), Department of Chemistry, Federal University of São Carlos (SP), Brazil

Jane carries out her work extremely competently. She is serious and meets deadlines. All this with a pleasant combination of British politeness and Brazilian friendliness.

Prof. Antonio Nelson Rodrigues da Silva
Department of Transportation Engineering, São Carlos School of Engineering, University of São Paulo (SP), Brazil

We all know that English is the official means of communication between nations... In the scientific world, this is no different ... In this setting, presenting research results in a way that everyone can understand them implies disseminating them widely... For this purpose, proofreading a piece of writing well is essential... Over the last years, I have counted on the valuable contributions from Jane Godwin Coury to edit my texts ... This partnership has resulted in having scientific papers published in highly ranked journals in the CAPES periodical... Thank you, teacher.

Prof. Fran Sérgio Lobato
Federal University of Uberlândia (MG), Brazil

Jane's translation and proofreading services were great. In addition to meeting the deadlines, she was always very committed to delivering the best. I always recommend her!

Cristina Akemi Goldschmidt Kiminami
PhD student at the Department of Digital Humanities at King´s College, London, UK. MSc in Architecture and Urbanism (University of São Paulo)